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Are you looking for  divorce services and are tired of the high cost of using an attorney? Using a certified legal document preparer service for your uncontested divorce may be a more affordable option.  AZ Statewide Paralegal is certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to provide legal services to residents of Phoenix and its surrounding communities.

Our Divorce services save you thousands in legal fees

The divorce process is simple and hassle free.  Simply schedule a consultation with one of our certified legal document preparers either over the phone, online or in office.  We ask you all of the questions that we need answers to prepare your divorce documents from start to finish.  At the end of the consultation, we ask you to pay our fee plus the filing and service of process fees if required.  We then schedule your signing appointment in less than 1 week and you are on your way.  We track all of the deadlines and file the remaining documents for you at the appropriate times.  We send you a timeline letter so you know when the Divorce may be finalized.  All you have to do is sign!

NOTE: We cannot provide legal  advice and prepare your documents according to your direction.  However, we can provide options and inform you of the divorce process and we will proceed at your direction.  We will advise you to seek legal advice if at anytime you make it clear that you need some legal advice. We are here for you.
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Legal Decision Making (Custody)

Legal Decision Making (Custody)     Custody paralegal

Custody as it was formerly known is now referred to as Legal decision making. The issue of who makes legal decisions for the children is a sensitive area of family law and the court always treads carefully when considering the best interests of children.  Whether establishing legal decision making (custody) or modifying child custody or even terminating the parental rights of a child, the standard of proof that the court always considers is whatever is in the child’s best interest.

Establishing or Modifying Legal Decision Making (Child Custody)

There are several ways to establish legal decision making (child custody) in Arizona. The most common cases for establishing child custody are through a dissolution of marriage or through a paternity action.  Both a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce) and Complaint for Paternity, for parents who are not married, may include a request to award one or both of the parents the ability to make legal decisions for the children such as health decisions, educational decisions, religious decisions and personal care decisions. Both parents are awarded parenting time not just one of the parents.  The standard in Arizona now is that both parents should be awarded equal parenting time unless it is proven that it would be in the children’s best interests not to award equal parenting time.

What if the parents are married but not living together? If the parents have been separated for a long time, one of the parents may file a Petition to establish legal decision making (custody), parenting time and child support.

If the parents were never married and one of the parents applies for AHCCCS, food stamps etc., the State of Arizona, Department of Economic Security will ask for information on the other parent for the purposes of establishing paternity in order to obtain child support from the other parent.  The State of Arizona is not interested in the legal decision making (custody) or parenting time issues that may have not been ordered between the parents and as such they will file the Complaint for Paternity and ask that the issues of custody and parenting time remain unadjudicated.  The parents may then file a Petition to Establish Custody and Parenting Time separately.


Do you already have a child custody order in Arizona? If there was an order regarding the issue of child custody entered either in a Dissolution of Marriage or through a Paternity action and one of the parents wants to change legal custody, then there are several factors that are considered before even granting a hearing to modify child custody.  Changing the legal custody of a child is considered to be a huge impact on the life of a child and therefore a hearing is not granted unless adequate cause has been shown to grant the hearing.  According to the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, the court considers the wishes of the child, wishes of the parents, whether or not the parents have attended the mandatory parent education class, the mental and physical health of all parties involved, whether the child has adjusted to his or her surroundings, whether joint custody is logistically possible, who is more likely to encourage frequent and meaningful contact and many other factors relating to the child’s best interests.  The easiest way to modify child custody is when both parents agree to it.  Absent an agreement, a child custody order is difficult to change once ordered.

Note: The above information is provided for your convenience. It is not intended to be legal advice of any kind. No attorney/client relationship is created by you reading this information. If you have legal questions, please contact an attorney.


Need help terminating child support? Statewide Paralegal in Phoenix!

Get started with AZ Statewide Paralegal in Phoenix

If your child is 18 years old and about to graduate from high school it’s not to early to prepared the documents required to terminate the Arizona child support order. We will prepare the documents and request that the termination is effective as of May 31, 2012 if your child graduates in May and June 30, 2012 if your child graduates in June.

No time to make it to the office?

No problem, give us a call and we can set up a phone consultation to gather the information and get you on your way to terminating the child support order.  The Order will get mailed to your employer who will be ordered to stop withholding money from your paycheck.  We take care of all of the paperwork. All you have to do is sign!


Looking for a divorce service in Mesa?

Divorce, child support, custody? Our Arizona certified legal document preparers in Mesa are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to prepare, file and serve your legal documents in Maricopa County Superior Court. Conveniently located in Mesa, we are here to help and to make your experience with us and with the divorce process as hassle free as possible.

Mesa, Tempe or Chandler Locations

Whether you live in Mesa, Tempe or Chandler our location at 625 W. Southern Ave Suite E in Mesa is centrally located to serve you.  Visit us online to get started at any time of day at www.azstatewideparalegal.com or give us a call (480) 745-2552 to speak to any one of our knowledgeable staff.  We can assist you over the phone or schedule an in office appointment.

Child Support Termination for your 18 year old High School Senior

Divorce without an Attorney
Its that time of year again. Do you have a child that will graduate high school soon? We can prepare the child support petition to terminate child support for you. It’s not too early to file now and ask for an order effective May 30. Our paralegals in Arizona are trained in the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure to prepare your child support termination legal documents correctly the first time. We prepare the Order terminating your wage assignment. This document gets delivered to your employer and orders them to stop garnishing your wages. Child support termination for your emancipated child assumes that all child support payments have been made and no child support payments are outstanding. Give us a call at (520) 327-4000 Tucson or (602) 253-1515 in Phoenix or (480) 745-2552 in Mesa to get started today!

Note: The above information is provided for your convenience. It is not intended to be legal advice of any kind. No attorney/client relationship is created by you reading this information. If you have legal questions, please contact an attorney.



Reviews are a very important decision making tool when it comes to choosing a divorce service to prepare your legal documents.  Have you ever wondered where these reviews come from, who is writing them or even if they are from real clients?


Call the legal document preparer and ask where that review came from and how long they have been in business.  If you have never heard of a business before and they all of a sudden show up on the internet, many times the review is manufactured by the owner who started the business.  Be leary of the new business posting fake reviews.


AZ STATEWIDE PARALEGAL has real reviews from real clients who have experienced exceptional service and has had a great legal experience while saving tons of money in legal fees.  Our reviews are verifiable, and not fabrications.  Visit our website, click testimonials, and click see original survey! No one offers that! If you’ve never seen the business before, question the review!  Don’t trust a fake review poster! Trust experience! Give us a call today! (520) 327-4000  Click Here to see real reviews from real clients! Start Saving!

Looking for a paralegal in Mesa Arizona just became easier. We came to you! Using a paralegal to file for divorce is less expensive than the high fees associated with hiring an attorney. Were located at 625 W. Southern Ave Suite E in Mesa Arizona. Give us a call to schedule your Divorce consultation. Get started online if your schedule prohibits a face to face consultation at azstatewideparalegal.com. Self representation has never been easier.

Child Support Calculator in Tucson (520) 327-4000


Child Support Calculator

phoenix paralegal and tucson paralegalThe child support calculator was created so that parents of children can easily calculate child support in anticipation of a substantial and continuing change in circumstances. However, the child support calculator can sometimes be confusing if a parent can’t tell what types of income are included as gross income, or what an extraordinary education expense is or that medical insurance payments can be included in the calculation so long as the amount entered is only for the children and not for the family.  As a result, the calculated child support amount is not a true and correct calculation that reflects the parent’s circumstances.

After child support is calculated, now what do I do?

You’ve calculated the child support now what? If the child support amount is 15% more or 15% less than the amount currently ordered then the Arizona Child Support Guidelines say that child support may be modified.  The Arizona Child Support Calculator will even allow you to print your own forms after you’ve calculated the child support but what do you do with the forms once they’re printed?

I printed my child support forms but now what do I do?

There are 2 types of child support modification in Arizona, Simplified Version and Standard Version.  The Arizona Child Support Calculator prepares your forms based upon the Simplified Version.  There are a completely different set of documents required for the Standard Version and the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure state that there is a different process for filing the documents.  Although you’re able to prepare your own documents how do you know that the filing process that you’ve chosen is correct for your particular case?

Call us now or visit us online at azstatewideparalegal.com

Note: The above information is provided for your convenience. It is not intended to be legal advice of any kind. No attorney/client relationship is created by you reading this information. If you have legal questions, please contact an attorney.




Call a Tucson Paralegal to be your Arizona Child Support Calculator

phoenix custody paralegalCall a Tucson Paralegal to be your Arizona Child Support Calculator

If you are considering modifying an existing child support order filed in Tucson with the Arizona Supreme Court, give us a call at (520) 327-4000.  We will calculate the child support amount based upon your current circumstances at no charge.  If you decide to use one of our Tucson based paralegals to modify child support, establish child support or terminate child support, then you may save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Are you looking for an Arizona Child Support Calculator?

If you would rather attempt to calculate the child support on your own,  click this link to go to the Arizona Child Support Calculator maintained by the Arizona Supreme Court Child Support Division.

Note: The above information is provided for your convenience. It is not intended to be legal advice of any kind. No attorney/client relationship is created by you reading this information. If you have legal questions, please contact an attorney.

So many divorce, child support and custody paralegals in Tucson

tucson divorce paralegalTucson Divorce Paralegal

There are so many divorce, child support and custody paralegals in Tucson. So how do you choose?  Choosing the right paralegal in Tucson is as important as the case that you want them to handle.  Give us a call.  You will be glad you did.

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