Arizona Child Custody Paralegals in Phoenix and Tucson

Can an Arizona paralegal prepare child custody documents?

phoenix custody paralegal

If you have a current child custody order filed in any county in Arizona, and you are a parent that believes that it would be in the child’s best interest to modify the child custody order, a paralegal can prepare the legal documents for you so long as they have been certified by the Arizona Supreme Court and board of legal document preparers.

What information must be included in the paperwork for an Arizona Child Custody modification?

According to the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, the court considers several factors when determining whether to even grant a hearing to modify child custody including but not limited to:

1) The wishes of the parents

2) The wishes of the child

3) The relationships between the child and family members

4) Which parent is more willing to encourage frequent and meaningful contact with the other parent

5) Whether a parent has used coercion or duress to obtain a custody agreement

6) The health and well being of all parties involved

7) Which parent has completed the required parenting class

8 ) If a parent has been convicted of false reporting of abuse or neglect

Can I modify Child Support at the same time that I modify Child Custody?

Yes, custody, parenting time and child support can all be addressed in one document and if a custody hearing is granted then all issues may be addressed at the same time in the same hearing.

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