Arizona Paralegal for Child Support Calculations


When looking for an Arizona Paralegal to assist you with child support calculation, modifications or terminations be sure that the paralegal is familiar with the issues that are taken into consideration when determining child support.

Factors for determination of Child Support

The issues of importance when determining child support include the gross incomes of each parent, whether a parent is paying spousal maintenance or receiving spousal maintenance, whether either parent is supporting another child not common to the parties, insurance premiums that are paid for the child, parenting days exercised by the non-custodial parent, day care expenses paid by a parent on behalf of the child in common to the parties, expenses paid by a parent of an extraordinary child, and educational expenses paid on behalf of an extraordinary child.


A free Arizona Child Support Calculator is available online and even creates the Parent’s Worksheet for you.  The information entered in the child support calculator is pooled together and listed on a Parent’s Worksheet.  The Parent’s Worksheet combines the two parents’ incomes together to get a total income and then cross referenced with a pre-determined chart of child support amounts.  A total child support amount is determined to be the amount required to care for the child in question given all of the above factors.  This total child support amount is divided between the two parents based upon their percentage of incomes.  This percentage is not necessarily equal because the parents may have unequal incomes. The non-custodial parent pays the child support amount calculated to the custodial parent per month broken down by pay periods.  In other words, a parent who pays $400 per month in child support and is paid bi-monthly would pay $200 per paycheck.

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