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Child Support Calculator

phoenix paralegal and tucson paralegalThe child support calculator was created so that parents of children can easily calculate child support in anticipation of a substantial and continuing change in circumstances. However, the child support calculator can sometimes be confusing if a parent can’t tell what types of income are included as gross income, or what an extraordinary education expense is or that medical insurance payments can be included in the calculation so long as the amount entered is only for the children and not for the family.  As a result, the calculated child support amount is not a true and correct calculation that reflects the parent’s circumstances.

After child support is calculated, now what do I do?

You’ve calculated the child support now what? If the child support amount is 15% more or 15% less than the amount currently ordered then the Arizona Child Support Guidelines say that child support may be modified.  The Arizona Child Support Calculator will even allow you to print your own forms after you’ve calculated the child support but what do you do with the forms once they’re printed?

I printed my child support forms but now what do I do?

There are 2 types of child support modification in Arizona, Simplified Version and Standard Version.  The Arizona Child Support Calculator prepares your forms based upon the Simplified Version.  There are a completely different set of documents required for the Standard Version and the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure state that there is a different process for filing the documents.  Although you’re able to prepare your own documents how do you know that the filing process that you’ve chosen is correct for your particular case?

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