Need a Paralegal in Arizona to prepare your Will or Trust?

Can an Arizona Paralegal prepare my Will or Trust?

A paralegal in Arizona can absolutely prepare your Will or Trust so long as they are certified by the Arizona Supreme Court.  These types of paralegals are call legal document preparers and must meet both educational and experience requirements in order to become certified.  Shannon Trezza is both an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer, AZCLDP and a Certified Estate Planner, CEP.

Should I prepare a Will or a Trust?

Whether or not you prepare a Will or Trust is entirely up to you however, in order to answer that question for yourself you must ask yourself, what is your intention behind preparing either document at all?  For some people, avoiding probate is their only concern. A last will and testament is filed with the probate court if there is personal property owned by a decedent that is worth more than $50,000 minus liabilities, or if there is real property that is worth more than $75,000 minus liabilities. If proper estate planning has been done prior to decedent’s death, the last will and testament may not have to be filed with the probate court and probate could be avoided.

One type of proper estate planning could be creating a revocable trust and transferring all assets subject to probate into the trust prior to death.  This is one of many ways to avoid probate but for specific legal advice for your specific estate planning needs you are encouraged to consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.

Note: The above information is provided for your convenience. It is not intended to be legal advice of any kind. No attorney/client relationship is created by you reading this information. If you have legal questions, please contact an attorney.