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How to add someone to the title of your property

A paralegal or Arizona certified legal document preparer can prepare the legal documents to add someone to the title of your property.  This type of property transfer can be done by having a quit claim deed, warranty deed, grant deed, or joint tenancy deed prepared. 

How to transfer title after death

We can prepare beneficiary deeds which will transfer property after the property owner dies.  Beneficiary Deeds are a great way to avoid the expensive costs of probate in conjunction with the property. During your lifetime you may sign a beneficiary deed that states that upon your death the property will transfer to whomever you name.  The beneficiary simply records your death certificate with the county recorder in the same county that your beneficiary deed was filed.

How to transfer ownership of real estate to a limited liability company, LLC.

We can prepare a quit claim deed or warranty deed to transfer ownership of your property to an LLC.  Click here to get started on your quit claim deed. Ask a licensed attorney about how asset protection, warranty deeds and LLC’S work together. Click here to start your LLC online.

Note: The above information is provided for your convenience. It is not intended to be legal advice of any kind. No attorney/client relationship is created by you reading this information. If you have legal questions, please contact an attorney.