What is a paralegal and what do you do?

Technically, the definition of a paralegal is someone who prepares legal documents under the supervision of an attorney.  Although the name of our business is Statewide Paralegal,  we are Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers, certified to prepare legal documents by the Arizona Supreme Court.  We are required to participate in at least 20 hours of continuing legal education every 2 years and must meet strict experience and education requirements to remain certified.  Although I do not prepare legal documents under the supervision of an attorney, I am married to an attorney so you could say that I am ALWAYS supervised by an attorney! Give us a call (520) 327-4000 or visit our website www.azstatewideparalegal.com.

Note: The above information is provided for your convenience. It is not intended to be legal advice of any kind. No attorney/client relationship is created by you reading this information. If you have legal questions, please contact an attorney.