Divorce documents in Phoenix and Tucson? Use a paralegal

Divorce without an AttorneyCan I use a paralegal for an uncontested divorce if I live in Phoenix, Arizona?

Paralegals in Phoenix, Arizona and Tucson, Arizona have been preparing divorce documents without an attorney for years.  An uncontested divorce means that the opposing party has not prepared and filed a Response to the Divorce with the Superior Court including  paying the required filing fee. In Pima County,  Arizona, the Superior Court requires that the filing fee be paid to the Court when the Response is filed.

If I file the Response for my Divorce but do not pay the filing fee will it still be filed?

If the filing fee is not paid the Court will not consider that a Response was filed and the Petitioner can proceed with filing an Application for Default.  A default Decree may be entered by the Judge in the Petitioner’s favor. The bottom line is that the Respondent must pay their filing fee. Tucson Divorce Paralegal.

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